Laidlaw Schultz Architects creates engaging and realizable design solutions that mutually support each projectís intended use and contribute to its surroundings. With an emphasis on site-specific solutions, unique programmatic resolution, appropriate material selection and fastidious detailing, Laidlaw Schultzís primary goal is to always solve client criteria in a significant way. Never drawing a line between indoors and out, the work is always concerned with creating a cohesive whole, a project that is fully realized. Whether residential or commercial, the solutions are unique yet timeless, resulting in architecture that is rich in meaning, thoughtful in approach, and poetic in its rendering.

A multi-disciplinary firm encompassing both architecture and interior design, Laidlaw Schultzís approach is not bound by scale and has lead to equally successful projects ranging in size from rugs to ranches, powder rooms to power plants. Never dogmatic in their approach, Laidlaw Schultz Architects is devoted to understanding a clientís wishes ó while at the same time being cognizant of budgets, schedules and environmental issues ó and finding a solution that addresses those needs as well as transforms them.